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Celebrity Look-Alikes

February 18, 2015 Kaly Ammerman 0

  Oliva Sells and Kaytlyn Requena making the signature Miranda Sings smirk, Miranda Sings is a famous YouTube personality.   Have you seen somone who looks […]

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Elementary School

February 18, 2015 Rayven Tiry 0

WHAT TIME IS IT? PARTY TIME! Story by: Rayven Tiry Some people often ask what Valentine’s Day is really about. Research from Google says,” February […]

Spotlight On Student

February 12, 2015 Jarred West 0

  Everyone has something interesting about them, and some people have 15. Senior Holly Belden Holly is very passionate about a lot of things. She […]


February 11, 2015 Emilea Scharosch 0

      Wednesday, February 4th was a huge day for seniors Seth Glasscock, Wyatt Steigerwald, and Bryce Bell. Glasscock signed with his future college of OBU […]

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Mrs. Hewitt

February 9, 2015 Tyler Collins 0

We have a new testing company this Spring. The state department writing tests will be delivered on line this year and will be given during regular […]