6th grade Static Electricity Experiment

Mrs. Scott’s sixth grade science class performed a static electricity experiment on Wednesday, February 9. Mrs. Scott said the students blew up their balloons which gets a negative charge. Then students rubbed the balloon on the wall because the wall has a positive charge. Next, they charged a ruler by rubbing it on the balloon, this allowed them to pick up pieces of paper. Next, they charged two strips of tape by rubbing them together to see which one had the negative charge and which one has the positive charge. The sixth graders also rubbed the balloon up and down the walls to see if the static electricity would pull the balloon to stick to the wall.

After the ruler, paper, tape and the wall, the students got to have some fun with more experiments like rubbing the balloons on their heads and making their friend’s hair rise. Sixth graders Anna Alspach, Stormy Miller, Allysa Barnes and Alisseondra Mathis had the most fun with the hair rubbing. Anna Alspach said, “It’s really cool to rub the balloons on my hair and make my hair stand up tall. It was definitely an experiment to remember!”

Mrs. Scott said her sixth graders always have a fun time with this experiment every year and she is always glad to see her students smile when they get to play with balloons instead of doing bookwork.

Sixth graders Stormy Miller, Anna Alspach, Allysa Barnes and Alisseondra Mathis participate in Mrs. Scott’s science experiments.