Ashley Hunington Scholarship

Ashley Hunington smiling next to her beloved horse.

Nowata High School is participating in a change drive fund raiser for the Fly-High Memorial Scholarship in memory of Ashley Hunington. Ashley Hunington was a graduate of Nowata High School who passed away in 2013 after a three year battle with Lymphoma. The National Honor Society established this drive in 2014 in her honor. The drive started Monday, March 21st and lasts through April 8th.

Applicants to win the scholarship must have their application turned in by April 1st. All donations go directly towards a scholarship for the winner. Applications will be reviewed by a committee and scored on teacher evaluations, an essay, community service, participation in school activities, and leadership skills. The scholarship will be announced in May at the annual awards assembly.

All high school grade levels are competing to see who can raise the most money. The grade that wins will receive an extended lunch soon after the drive. So far, sophomores are in the lead with about $105. There is still plenty of time to donate! The drive ends in a few weeks, so if you can spare some change, drop it in the bucket located in your English teacher’s classroom for a chance to win more lunch time!

To learn more about the National Honor Society that helped make this scholarship possible, click here to navigate to the National Honor Society website: