Top Ten Gadgets

January 30, 2015 Josie Parker 0

What’s hot in the tech world? According to Time Magazine the top ten gadgets out there are the Apple Watch, SmartThings starter kit, DJT Phantom […]

New Years, New You

January 7, 2015 Josie Parker 0

Every year as the ball drops to bring in the New Year people all over the world are starting their New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s […]

Top Christmas Gifts

December 18, 2014 Josie Parker 0

Top Five Gifts for All Ages   Do you worry about getting the perfect gifts? According to, these are the top five requested gifts […]

Hot Books

December 9, 2014 Josie Parker 0

For some people there is nothing more exciting on a cold winter’s day then curling up with a blanket with their faces buried in a […]

Hot T.V. Shows

November 19, 2014 Josie Parker 0

  According to the Internet, the average amount of hours spent watching television is roughly around five hours a day. Today more and more people […]