Award Assembly

Nowata Elementary School gave praise to grades 3-5 for their accomplishments and good behavior. An award assembly was held in the cafeteria at 2:15 p.m on March 24, to show parents and grandparents how well their children do in school.

The cafeteria was filled with people who attended the awards assembly. Not a single seat was empty during the assembly; people had to stand as they watched because there was no were to sit. Parents weren’t the only ones to come, but grandparents came to show their support as well.

There were three different awards that could be received. There was the Wall of Fame, which is where a student is picked by their teacher for being the best in their class. The second award was the Perfect Attendance, this is awarded when a student has missed no school. The third award is the Honor Role, a student must have A’s in all of their subjects in order to receive this.


Students who have received an award will also get a little prize. Those who received perfect attendance got candy. Students who were awarded honor role were given a pizza party, and the children awarded the Wall of Fame were given a medal.

The award assembly for grades k-2 will be held at the elementary’s cafeteria at 2:15 p.m on March 30. The same awards given to grades 3-5, will also be given to grades k-2.

“We hope to see you there to give your support,” said Tana Haas, principal of the elementary.