Book Club

Kill Books For Christmas!

Story by: Mackenzie Becker

Clubs Editor

Nowata’s Book Club is killing books for Christmas ornaments! They are spreading Christmas cheer by putting the nonfiction books in the school library to very good use. These nonfiction books have not been checked out in several years so students are using them to make little Christmas trees out of the pages. They are making the trees by ripping the spines out of the books and taking the pages and taping them in a circle to look like a tree. They are also using the passages from the books to make ornaments. They cut passages out of the books and glue them to plain colored Christmas ornaments. Lastly, they are building a book tree out of the books that are left over by staking the books in a circle to look like a tree. Then they will put lights on the book tree to make it look festive. “I am so proud to see these books being put to use and in a very positive way,” says Branndi Staehle the Book Club Advisor.


The Nowata's book club starts of a book Christmas tree.
The Nowata Book Club starts the building of a book Christmas tree.