Box Tops End

The deadline for turning in Box Tops is almost here! The last day to collect Box Tops is February 12. The school asks for you to package in amounts of 10 or 50, in plastic baggies with your child. They also ask that you label the baggie with your child’s name and teacher.

Box Tops are given to your child’s school’s Box Top coordinator, who then summits them into the main office. The school will receive a check for 10 cents each time they are sent a Box Top clip.

The funds from the box tops will help the school with expenses with  field trips.

“The Box Tops are to help the elementary with reimbursement,” states Parent Teacher Organization president, Shiloh Freeman.

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Box Tops can be found on various foods. Foods that give Box Tops are food bars, cereal, and boxed dinners, brands such as Annie’s, Totino’s, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Fiber One, and many more different food brands participate. Even a few cooking supplies give out Box Tops. The deadline isn’t here just yet, so keep collecting those Box Tops! Remember, the deadline is February 12.

For more information about what products support the program, visit

The offical website for Box Tops for Education go to