Box Tops For Education

By: Destinee Skaggs


Collecting Box Tops for your child’s school can benefit both the school and the child. Mother of an elementary student, Terry Cernocky talks about how saving Box Tops helps her daughter’s education.

“Students and parents should collect as many Box Tops as they can. Each Box Top turned in is money towards my child’s school to boost not only my daughter’s school but her classmates as well,” explained Mrs. Cernocky.

It’s true every Box Top received is ten cents added to the school’s funding. This extra money helps to offset the cost of field trips and also with the purchasing of educational tools for the classrooms.

Many parents and guardians have trouble collecting Box Tops because of the brands they are on. Guardian of another elementary student, Angela Barger explains why she can’t contribute as much as she would like due to low income circumstance.

“I try to give as much as I can for my children’s school, but unfortunately Box Tops are on brands I can’t afford with my income,” states Mrs. Barger.

Even though the brands with Box Tops are a little pricey, they can contribute money to your little ones school which will enchance their educational experience.
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