Cosmic Wandering

Some of the eye catching shape designs the group spent time on improving.

Recently, Nowata High School junior, Mack Savala participated in a 48-hour game jam. A game  jam is a small interval of time to fully develop and publish a game based off of a theme that is set moments before the jam starts. Game jams are held all over the world. This particular game jam was held in New York City and remotely, where Savala participated. There were 29 other teams participating, and there are 127 ratings total, but Tekton (the team name) owns 1 fifth of the ratings which at the moment is 22 ratings.

This is a graphic which shows the unique quality and time spent on the game to develop each shape affect individually.

Cosmic Wandering lets you wander on a cosmic journey through a psychedelic environment where you must solve puzzles which cause the world around you to change shape. Before you can begin to play this game, you have to have an HTC Vive headset. Most people won’t have this, which is why there is a game play video on the submission site. Game developer, Mack Savala says, “I’m happy about the progress we made in 48 hours after facing many challenges that held us back for hours. I personally took time out to attend prom, but we all maintained one team and continued to work around all the problems. I am looking forward to working with these wonderful developers again to hopefully produce a commercial release.”