Story by: Rayven Tiry

At Glenn C. Moore Elementary, the Pre-K and kindergarten classes have made Veterans Day and Thanksgiving art. The teachers hung student’s artwork in the hallway for everyone to see when they pass by. Some classes made flags, while others made turkeys, and on each they listed what they were thankful for. K-4 made a paper flag with cut-outs of their hands for the stripes and stars. Some had a picture of themselves on their own hand. The elementary students made different kinds of turkeys. Some had listed what they were thankful for and others made turkeys decorated the way they wanted them to look. Other students made trees with fall colored leaves on them.

Here are some pictures of the students artwork below.

20141119_102728 20141119_102746 20141119_102751 20141119_102807 20141119_103016 20141119_103041 20141119_103051 kindergarden (1) kindergarden (2) kindergarden (3)