Elementary School


Story by: Rayven Tiry

For the next few weeks the students at the elementary will be having their 3rd-5th grade testing. The students are given these tests to see where they stand with their subjects they take during school. It is very important that the students get enough to sleep the night before the test and enough to eat the morning before the tests. Google says, “sleep helps you synthesize and remember the information that you’ve learned during a study session. Without sleep, that information will simply not be retained for the long-term so it’s possible that you may forget it by the time you actually take the test.” The tests start April 13th.

Also April 13th, the elementary is holding an assembly @ 1:45. Parents/Guardians are welcome. April 17th, the progress reports go home with the students. On April 30th, the Kindergarten is going on a Zoo trip. Make sure their permission slips are signed and sack lunch is packed!