Everyone has an amazing stories, what’s yours? Allie Hill

Alexandria Nicole Hill, who goes by Allie is a senior at Nowata High School. She is a definite one of a kind, original girl. “Everyone needAllie 1s their own Allie,” quoted one of her many best friends, Alyssa Buss. “She likes to voice her opinion. She’s just an all around great person, who LOVES to read and be with her family.”

During the summer time, Allie lost her vision up until mid September. She had been taking a bed apart when the metal rod from it hit her in the forehead. She had to get butterfly stitches. Consequently, three to four days later, she woke up and had lost her vision. She started to regain her vision in late September, and fully recovered in mid October.

After graduation, Allie is unsure of where she wants to go or what she wants to major in. On her spare time, she enjoys reading and singing with the high school choir. Her favorite food is French fries, her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper and her favorite color is teal.

Allie has three siblings, two sisters and a brother; Sydney Hill, who is seventeen, Julie Hill, who is fifteen, and Shawn Harrison, who is twenty.

Allie really looks up to her mom. “She’s been through so much and I look up to her for that.” Some of Hill’s best friends are Shayleigh Ewers, Alyssa Buss, Deandra Belden, Jessica Pearson, and Clariece Long.

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