Everyone has an amazing story, what’s yours?

Senior, Lydia Powell is very quiet, yet very exciting. She mostly keeps to herself but once you get to know her she’s impossible to forget. Her favorite thing to do is write, where she can express her thoughts and emotions. “Writing helps me cope with life to be honest,” declared Lydia. She’s an inspiring writer with an unforgettable personality.

Lydia, who’s now seventeen moved to Nowata from Abilene, Kansas her sophomore year. Simon, her best friend has stuck by her side since she got here. After graduation, Lydia does not plan on attending college, but she wants to get married and start a family.

On her free time, Lydia loves to listen t20141105_125442o music and of course write. Her favorite music genre would either be rock or country music. Her favorite bands would be In This Moment, Hozier, and Seether.

Lydia’s favorite food is pizza and her favorite animal is cats. She has three siblings named Shawna who was twenty-six, Chelsea who is twenty-five, and a brother named Austin, who’s twenty-two, whom she loves very much.

To get to know Lydia better, follow her on Instagram at instagram.com/lady.bug98