Everyone has an amazing story, what’s yours?

ShayShayleigh Nicole Ewers, senior at Nowata High School, is an extraordinary girl. She’s very laidback and so much fun to be around. Her two best friends’ are Alyssa Buss and Leandrea Thomas. She has a great sense of humor and an even greater personality.

After high school, Shayleigh plans on going to Coffeyville Community College (CCC) and major in psychology. “I just want to help people get through whatever they’re going through,” said Ewers. Her favorite class is Mythology and her favorite teachers are Ms. Lindsly and Mrs. Staehle.

Family is a big attribute in Shay’s life. She has four siblings named Sherydan and Kolton who are thirteen, James who is eleven, and Johnny who is three months old. She also looks up to her stepmom, Sarah. In her spare time, Shayleigh likes to just kick back, drive around, and watch T.V. Her favorite food is Chinese food and her favorite drink is anything with grape in it. Her favorite genre of music is country and favorite color is lime green.

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