Everyone has an amazing story, what’s yours?

Bratt poses for a picture for “Tacky Tourist Day” for Homecoming week with good friend, Lydia Powell.

Simon Bratt, seventeen and senior at Nowata High School, is a hilarious, outgoing guy. “Everyone needs their own Simon”, stated one of many best friends, Lydia Powell. He’s a very sarcastic, laid-back guy. He’s definitely a one of a kind, with a great sense of humor.

After graduating, Bratt is unsure of what college he wants to attend. On his free time, Simon likes to play his guitar or play video games with friends. While navy blue is his favorite color, his favorite genre of music is old blues rock-n-roll. His favorite animal is a sea otter because of “how cute they are”, and his favorite food is steak and favorite drink would definitely have to┬ábe vanilla Pepsi.

Traveling is in Bratt’s genes. Simon lived in Tahlequah for a year, then he moved here. Previous to that, he lived in Fort Collins, Colorado for ten years. He only has one sibling, named Jade who’s eleven.

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