Gridiron Heroes

The movie Gridiron Heroes is coming to theaters on November 13, 2015. It is based on a true story about high school football star Chris Carnales, whose life was changed dramatically when he broke his neck in a football game, leaving him paralyzed. Carnales’ life turned into despair and loneliness until he had the chance that made him a hero of a lifetime because he soon learned of others with similar injuries. With the help of his father, he had to go to physical therapy and work hard to overcome serious physical and emotional pain. Carnales wanted to start an organization, and with it he had a particular goal in mind; he wanted to help every victim and their families who might be facing the same challenges he was. He called it Gridiron Heroes.

Gridiron Heroes is a great story that has a lot of athletes from every school can relate to, if they have ever been hurt or couldn’t play because of an injury. Watching this movie could give hope that their life isn’t over just because they can’t play a specific sport. There is always other ways to still be involved in the sport they love or even help others just like Carnales did in the movie.

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The Hill Chris Climbed: The Gridiron Heroes Story (2011) Poster

I think every football player who has been injured or had to quit playing because of a traumatic injury can relate to this movie. This movie could be an inspiration to may athletes, to not give up on your dreams and there is always a flip side.