Ironkids Rise and Shine!

Nowata Elementary School students are now participating in a new morning program called Rise and Shine. It has somehow worked it’s way from the past is now becoming a new part of the elementary environment. Rise and Shine is held on Monday mornings every week in the cafeteria and the gymnasium. The younger kids participate in the cafeteria and the older kids participate in the gym.

Patti Hathcoat, elementary secretary stated, “I think it’s a good idea since the program teaches students to have respect for others, teaches them the American flag and Oklahoma flag salute, and teaches them patience since they take turns.”

Teachers and administrative staff all feel that this is a great opportunity for the young minds and it gives the kids an adaptive way of learning valuable life skills. During Rise and Shine, students participate in the flag salute, American flag salute, word of the week, and a moment of silence.

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