ISI Information

Mr. Tyner
While supervising ISI students after handing out work, Mr. Tyner states, “I wish I had more teaching, but the job is pretty good as long as the kids do their work.”

In-school isolation a.k.a. ISI is a lot like in-school suspension. While in ISI, students report to Mr. Tyner, the ISI teacher, and stay in there all day until the last period bell rings. Students get lunch in the cafeteria or bring a sack lunch, they eat in the ISI room and may eat during the normal lunch time only. ISI is a disciplinary action assigned usually by the principle.

Students work is brought to them from their teachers and they are expected to complete all daily work and catch up on any late assignments. If all assignments are finished, they are expected to sit quietly.

“All we do is busy work,” stated a student who is currently in ISI. When asked to walk me through a typical day in ISI, another student explained, “We basically just do a bunch of work in a row and have an occasional bathroom break, then we have lunch and do more work.” Students are allowed a few bathroom breaks throughout the day and Mr. Tyner takes the entire class at the same time. 

Some reasons ISI might be assigned is for skipping classes, skipping lunch detention, bullying, or disrespectful behavior, and the amount of time depends on the seriousness of the situation.