Journalism Grant

The old computer chair (left) compared to the new chair (right). It’s easy to tell why the students were so excited about them.

The Nowata High School Journalism class received a grant for $3,500 from OSMI (Oklahoma Scholastic Media)  to spend on new equipment and software for the online publication. Mrs. Wright, who is the journalism teacher, bought navy blue computer chairs. The old chairs had wheels missing, were uneven, wobbled, squeaked; they would even groan when someone sat down and were just a general mess. The Journalism Club students would playfully fight over who got the few decent chairs they had. Each day the first students to the classroom would grab the few good chairs and everyone else would have to make due with what was left!

The students spend a majority of the class sitting at a computer working on their weekly stories, so when the new chairs came in, everyone was excited to use them and now that there are new, more comfortable chairs, everyone can have their own. There are six students in journalism and seven new chairs so everyone can sit comfortably again while working on their stories!

The grant will also used to buy upgrade the existing InDesign program. All the students are grateful to OSMI for the grant and can’t wait to see how else it will help them to improve The Ironmen Pride Newsletter.