Leonardo Dicaprio and his Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar! He accepted an oscar on February 28, 2016, for best actor in a leading role. This is the sixth Acadmey Award nomination for Leonardo DiCaprio.

Watch his acceptance video here http://oscar.go.com/news/winners/watch-leonardo-dicaprios-acceptance-speech-for-best-actor-2016.


DiCaprio starred in the movie The Revenant and people say this is why he got the award. In the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Hugh Glass, a 19th century American frontiersman who is left behind for dead by his comrades after being mauled by a bear.

Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in a lot of movies and he does deserve this award. I think it’s amazing that DiCaprio won this award because he has acted in so many amazing movies. Such as these:

Critters 3                              1991       Josh

Poison Ivy                           1992       Guy

This Boy’s Life                    1993       Tobias “Toby” Wolff

What’s Eating  Gilber Grape                   1993       Arnie

The Quick and the Dead  1995       Fee “The Kid” Herod

The Basketball Diaries    1995       Jim Carroll

Total Eclipse                      1995       Arthur Rimbaud

Romeo + Juliet                 1996       Romeo Montague

Marvin’s Room                 1996       Hank Lacker

Titanic                                1997       Jack Dawson

The Man in the Iron Mask                1998       King Louis XIV / Philippe

Celebrity                             1998       Brandon Darrow

The Beach                          2000       Richard

Don’s Plum                        2001       Derek

Catch Me If You Can       2002       Frank Abagnale, Jr.

Gangs of New York          2002       Amsterdam Vallon

The Aviator                        2004      Howard Hughes/Executive producer

The Assassination of Richard Nixon           2004       Executive producer 

The Departed                    2006       William “Billy” Costigan

Blood Diamond                2006       Danny Archer

The 11th Hour                   2007       Narrator/Producer

Gardener of Eden             2007       Producer

Body of Lies                       2008       Roger Ferris

Revolutionary Road         2008       Frank Wheeler

Orphan                                2009       Producer

Shutter Island                    2010       Edward “Teddy” Daniels / Andrew Laeddis

Hubble                                2010       Narrator

Inception                            2010       Dominick “Dom” Cobb

Red Riding Hood              2011       Producer

The Ides of March            2011       Executive producer

Edgar                                  2011       J. Edgar Hoover

Django Unchained           2012       Calvin J. Candie

The Great Gatsby             2013       Jay Gatsby

Runner Runner                2013       Producer

Out of the Furnace          2013       Producer

The Wolf of Wall Street 2013       Jordan Belfort

Virunga                             2014       Executive producer

Cowspiracy                       2015       Executive producer

The Revenant                   2015       Hugh Glass