Merry Christmas from Coach James

Friday, December 18th, Coach James threw a mini Christmas party for all of his classes throughout the day. James showed a holiday favorite, Christmas of the Kranks, and gave out little candy bags he made himself.

Coach James said, “I wanted everyone to have a great start to their Christmas break, and because I’m a nice guy. The day was a big success. The kids were very excited and surprised about their treats and the movie. It was a very good idea and I may do it again at the end of the year or even keep it in mind for the following years.”

8th grader Aiden Thompson said, “It surprised me that he would do this for us.  Coach James also has good taste in candy. I really liked the movie and all the candy he gave us.”

8th grader Seth Johnson said, “I’ve never seen the movie, Christmas of the Kranks, so it was a good time to watch it. Also, I love how Coach James made the Christmas spirit come alive in the classroom. It was a really great day and I hope he does something fun like this again. I really enjoyed it.”