Miama Basketball Tournament

The 71st annual NEO High School Basketball Tournament was Thursday, January 21st through Saturday, January 23rd. There were 48 teams participating in this NEO recruiting event and basketball tradition. According to NEO president, Jeff Hale there were about 2,500 estimated people attending to cheer on their favorite players and teams. Teams will play in four different facilities. Games were held on campus in the college gym and the Student Activity Center. Other game locations included Miami Activity Center at Miami High School and the Miami Civic Center. “All Tournament” passes may be purchased for $20 for adults/ and or students. The “all tournament” pass will allow fans to attend any of the games, in any of the locations, for all three days of the tournament. Day passes are also available for $8 per day for adults and$7 per day for students and senior citizens.

Nowata Girls are scheduled to play around  7:30 Friday evening, if they lose, they will play at 3:30 on Saturday. If they win, they will play at 6:00. Nowata Boys are scheduled to play around 6:00 Friday night, if they lose, they will play at 10:00 on Saturday morning. If they win, they will play at 12:00.