Middle School Science Lab

Grasshopper Dissection


“The seventh grade students are dissecting grasshoppers as a prelude to chapter 18 over organisms. The students will learn about the many external features of a grasshopper in a hands on activity,” proclaimed Mr. Fitzgerald, Nowata Middle School science teacher. The students were given a packet with specific instructions on how to dissect their grasshopper and where to glue the grasshopper parts after they have been dissected. Each student will be provided with a lab apron, gloves, eyeglasses, a dissecting pan, dissecting kit with a forcept and a scalpel, t-pins, a magnifying glass, one preserved grasshopper, a piece of paper, and a pencil.¬†Students will be required to identify and label their grasshopper as well. They will observe that the body of the grasshopper is divided into 3 regions— the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. Then, they will examine the head, antennae, compound eyes, ocelli, and the mouth parts, and label them.¬† Mr. Fitz chose grasshoppers for this assignment because they are somewhat simple to work with.