Mr. Williams New Year Entry

Mr. WilliamsIt has been an excellent start to the school year. Our student body has hit the ground running and we are operating at full steam in regard to academics and activities. The first progress reports are coming out on 9-24-15. Parents/guardians, please feel free to contact the office at 273-2221 so we can help you get any information you may need to help your student be successful.

As always, our students are doing very well in the extracurricular areas. I would like to highlight a couple of our programs, the cheerleaders are district champions and will be competing for a state championship and our softball team has reached 11 wins at the time I am writing this. We are very proud of these young ladies for reaching double digit wins. This is the first time in several years that accomplishment has happened.

Again, we are off to a great start. As always, the door is open if you would like to come and visit with us about your student.