Nowata High School Academic Team

Academic 1
Students get ready to finish the second game of the day with OKU in the lead.

“Ms. Hilyard is the coach of our middle and high school academic teams.  Typically, these students meet during intervention and work on the necessary skills for success. I am very proud that we are able to field an academic team since it truly takes dedication from the students and coach.  With no timed dedicated during the school day, these students must take their intervention time or before school time in order to study and have practice,” explains principal, Bron Williams.

Academic 2resize
OKU takes the lead and wins the first game by gaining points during the last set of questions.

A typical meet consists of our team participating against teams from other schools in head to head matches.  Basically, questions are asked and students buzz in to answer.  First to buzz, gets the first chance to answer the question.  Our team goes to several meets each year and participates in the district, regional and state competitions.

In a meet, students have a starting team of four people to a team, questions are asked and if a student knows an answer, he or she buzzes the buzzer to answer within the 10 seconds given. If they get the answer wrong, the question goes to the other team for an immediate response. Between each quarter of the game, coaches may substitute members of the team for another participant.

Nowata High School hosted the Academics Championship Competition for the middle school team this week on Tuesday, January 12, 2016.  There were three games played, the first one was Oklahoma Union vs. Caney Valley. The second game was Oklahoma Union vs. Nowata; the final score was Nowata-210 and OKU- 340. The third game was also Nowata vs. Oklahoma Union and the ending score was Nowata-280 and OKU-290.