Nowata High School’s Bible Club

Bible Club 1
The Bible Club listens to a story told by Emily Belden and Olivia Sells.

Nowata High School’s Bible Club is hosted in the library on the second Wednesday of each month. The meetings last a whole 30 minute lunch period. At the beginning of the year, during the very first meet, they had over 50 people attend.

“During a typical meeting, the students sit with a different snack and listen to a Bible story from one of the youth pastors from one of the local Nowata churches,” states Catie Walden, a member of the Bible Club. There is a number of pastors that take turns teaching the lessons each week.

Bible Club is a student led program with Rebecca Freeman as this year’s president. She hopes Bible Club will continue each year, if it is allowed by the principle. At the end of the year, the Bible Club takes a trip. Students don’t know where this year’s trip will be, but last year they went to the Tulsa Zoo. Students have to attend at least five out of nine of the Bible Club meetings in order to be able to go on the trip.

Bible Club 3
Students gather in the library for their monthly club meeting.

“Bible Club is important to the students because it means we can talk about Jesus in school, it’s truly a privilege for us,” said Rebecca.