Nowata Middle School Honors Band.

Andrew Corle, JJ Parker, Caleb Brown, Reace Adams, and Victoria Morgan show off their instruments they played in the Honors Band Clinic. Photo By: Krissy Hawk 

Honors Band Clinic

Nowata Middle School students Andrew Corle, Victoria Morgan, Caleb Brown, Reace Adams, and JJ Parker recently competed in the Honors Band Clinic at Oologah High School. The students auditioned in January, competing against up to 35 schools in the northeastern Oklahoma area like, Adair, Allen-Bowden, Caney Valley,Catoosa, Chelsea, Choteau-Mazie, Cleveland, and Dewey, just to name a few. They had to audition to get a seat at the Oologah clinic. In the first session of Honors Clinic, the participants were encouraged to get help by clinicians, which could have been band directors from bigger schools or surrounding colleges. The clinicians helped the students with their fundamentals on their instruments and helped with the basics. In the second session, the rehearsal and clinic lasted all day reviewing new skills learned the previous day. To end the clinic, the students worked together to put on a concert.

Reace Adams poses with his trombone.             Photo By: Krissy Hawk

Reace Adams was excited to participate in the Oolagah Clinic and he said, “I would like to take a moment to talk about our success in honors band! Our performance was outstanding and we have worked hard for this! We have rehearsed all day with a bunch of other kids to perform a concert. When I auditioned to try out, I was nervous. But I ended up making it! I mean it is a prestigious honor. I would like to thank our amazing band director, Jennifer Prince, for everything she has done for us. She has turned us into great musicians and I am thankful for that. Victoria, Kaleb, Andrew, JJ, Congratulations! We have earned this! Good job guys!”