Nowata’s Penny Drive!

Pennys box
Donations box in Mrs. Wright’s room for her 4th hour to put donations in and try to win the pizza party!

Nowata High School is having a two week long penny drive that started Monday, February 8th. The student council is hosting the fund raiser. The purpose of the drive is to raise money that will help with research for leukemia and lymphoma.

“Each member of student council has an assigned classroom to collect and count the change given. The donations are counted about every other day,” stated Katie Wright, president of student council.

Students should donate to their fourth hour class. Any student that donates $5 will receive a soda and a candy bar at the end of the drive. Students who donate $10 have permission to park in the teacher’s parking lot, instead of across the street in the student lot for the remainder of the drive. The fourth hour class that collects the most donations will be rewarded with a pizza party during fourth hour.

In just the first week, there has been over $100 donated. Jeremiah Walden and Jeremy Hughes have a friendly, little competition going and each have donated over $20 to the drive. Brook Smith, Ronald Smith, Katelyn Kerns, Jania Berry and Zena Cox have all donated $5 and will be receiving a soda and a candy bar at the end of the drive.

At the end of the drive, the total donations totaled to $385.75. Mrs. Truesdell’s class was the top collector with a total of $87.42 and Mrs. Woodard’s class was less than a dollar behind with $86.57. Jeremiah Walden and Jeremy Hughes had the biggest donations with over $30 each. they will receive an extended lunch at the Mexican restaurant for going above and beyond with their donations. 13 students gave $5 and received a soda and candy bar of their choice.

Thank you to everyone for your participation in this important cause!