Preventing Blindness

On January 14 and January 15 the Nowata Elementary School will have two nurses from the Prevent Blindness Awareness program to check all the students for any sort of eye sickness or problem.

The two nurses coming to the school are Andera Brankel and director nurse, Melanie Gamble. The nurses come to the school once a year to do a brief eye wellness checkup. The nurses use an eye chart  for prekindergarten, kinder-garden and first grade. For second grade, third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade they use a device called a Spot Vision Screener Camera. The camera detects anything unusual or abnormal.

Nurse Gamble said, “We come in once a year to check the children’s eye sight so we can make aware to the child’s parent if there are any problems.”

Prevent Blindness does free vision screening for all 77 counties. Over 312,000 kids are looked at and over 44,000 of those kids are sent to a professional for a comprehensive eye exam. They are also the leading volunteer eye health and safety organization.

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“If we catch the problem early on, we can prevent diseases caused in the future,” states Nurse Gamble.

Both nurses were friendly with the children and were never rude. Every child was happy with the treatment and were more than excited to have their eyes checked.