Prom Prom Prom!!

Prom is an annual school event that almost all high school students look forward to. It’s a fun and great way to bond with your fellow classmates and make lasting memories. Everyone should experience  prom at least once before they graduate.

Principal Bron Williams said, “I’m actually really excited for this year’s prom. The scenery around the Johnstone-Sare building is just beautiful, especially at night. The whole area is covered with flashing lights.”

Amanda Drenner, one of this year’s seniors thinks, “You should never skip out on a chance to go to your junior and senior prom because it’s a good experience and you make so many fun memories.”

The Nowata prom in April 16. The Grand March starts at 6:30 and the party bus will leave when the march is over.

Prom tickets went on sale on Monday March 28 and will continue to be sold through April 8. The price for a couples ticket is $60, the price for a solo ticket is $45.

Don’t skip out on prom. Need a dress, here’s a website to checkout:

Senior Emily Belden with juniors Armondo Covarrubias and Cody Smith at last year’s prom. They had a blast!!