Senior Katie Adams

19 year old Katie Adams is a senior at Nowata High School, though she prefers to go by the name Cheylynn.

Cheylynn thinks of her Christian religion more of a relationship with God. She takes great pride in her relationship with Christ and wishes to become a youth leader later in life. She has made a goal to have a peaceful life and to travel the world. When she has time, she enjoys reading and studying the Bible.



“My favorite verse from the Bible is Philippians 4:13, I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength,” says Adams.

Cheylynn also likes to play video games  in her free time and hang out with her best friend, Seth Howey.

Blue is her favorite color and she loves to paint when she has time. Cheylynn enjoys watching anime and also likes to listen to Christian music. Her favorite food is chicken Alfredo. Katie also likes to drink fruit water.


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