Senior, Linsy Ingram

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Ingram poses for a duck face selfie with friends Amie Clapp and Kelsey Dobson.
Ingram takes a quick selfie before school.

Senior at Nowata High School, Linsy Ingram, age seventeen is a unique, warm, friendly, and intelligent girl. She’s an amazing singer, who’s very heartfelt about choir.

“Linsy is a hard-worker who’s very passionate about her beliefs and values,” said Prince, choir and band director of Nowata High School. “She’s been a lot of fun to work with.”

After graduation, Linsy wants to attend Tulsa University and major in filming. Her favorite colors are earth tones, such as greens and browns. Her favorite food and drink are peanut butter and water. On her free time, you can catch her with her nose in a book or listening to her favorite band “Say We Can Fly”.

Ingram has traveling in her blood. She moved all the way from Arizona, where she was born, to Colorado when she was three, then to Nowata at age twelve. She has one brother named Ryan, who’s thirty-three.

Someone Linsy looks up to is definitely her mom. “We’ve been through some hard times, but she’s always made sure my life was as good as can be.”