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Everyone has something interesting about them, and some people have 15.Senior-Albright,Rebecca

Senior: Rebecca Albright “Becky”

Former Bartlesville Bruin Rebecca Albright moved to Nowata High School January of her junior year. Rebecca is 17 years old and absolutely adores kittens and oddly she is obsessed with glitter and the color red. When Becca isn’t working at Sonic (which she has been since April of 2014) she spends her free time watching The Great Gatsby, babysitting her nephews or singing; she loves to sing. Her idea of a perfect day is sitting outside under a tree in a medow and reading a book. She likes to be called Becky or Sharkiesha by her close friends Holly and Jarred. Although Rebecca loves to sing that isn’t the only hobby she enjoys. Becca also enjoys eating spaghetti and drinking chocolate milk. When Rebecca graduates high school, she plans to attend RSU for nursing and rooming with her good friend, Ashley Thornburgh. Rebecca’s dream job is to be a celebrity manager. Her main goal in life is to make something of herself and be happily married with at least two kids.

“She who tooteth not her own horn, the same shall not be tooted, meaning it’s okay to brag on yourself sometimes, said Sharon Woodard, Rebecca’s English teacher.

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 Rebecca poses for her senior pictures taken by Little Bit Photogrophy.


Becca takes a selfie for "Selfie Sunday" on Facebook.