Spotlight on Student

Senior-Madex,LexisEveryone has something interesting about them, but some people have 15.

Senior Lexis Mader:

Lexis is a very hard worker and is so very passionate about band. Band is important to her because it combines two of her favorite things, the love of music and the love of football. Music plays a great role in Lexis’ life. Her favorite genre of music would have to be anything acoustic. In the summer of 2013, Lexis and her friend Derrick Williams the opportunity to go on a European tour and performed for many different countries. Lexis loves to go concerts, to the movies and she loves Halloween. Every year around Halloween, Lexis works as an actress in Nowata’s very own spook house The Asylum. When Lexis isn’t juggling school, she likes to sit down and read her favorite book The Maze Runner or watch her favorite shows Teen Wolf and The 100 or watching just about anything with superheroes. When Lexis gets older she wants to write movie scripts and one day be as famous as Stephen Spielberg.

photo 2
Lexis scoots around and enjoys life