Spotlight on Student

Everyone has something interesting about them and some people have 15.

Senior Kaytlyn Requena:

Although Kaytlyn Nichole Requena does her makeup and paints her nails every other day, she is not your typical “girly girl”. Kaytlyn, who goes by Kate, loves to be outdoors. She enjoys fishing, driving around with her besties, going camping, and swimming in the lake.

When Kate moved to Nowata in the summer before her freshmen year, she met some lifelong friends, Jackie Heitger and Jarred West. “Kate is so easy to get along with. She is a great friend and I can always depend on her when I need her. She is hilarious and makes life a little easier to live, everyone needs their own Kate,” said best friend, Jackie.

Kate loves to listen to music, and of course, watch Netflix marathons. “I love being with my family and having a great time with my friends, who make me laugh A LOT,” said Requena.

When Kaytlyn graduates from high school in May, she plans on spending a little more time with her dad and brother before she moves away for college in the summer. While attending Northern Oklahoma College in Tonkawa, Oklahoma she will be living in an off campus apartment with her best friends Jackie and Jarred. Kate will be majoring in nursing so she can eventually become a pediatric nurse and work with children. Her passion for kids is initially fueled by her niece and nephew.

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KR and Nephew
Kate and her nephew, Xavier take a selfie while watching Spongebob
Kate, Jarred, and Jackie take a quick selfie before going to the movies.