Spotlight on Students

Everyone has something interesting about them and some people have 15.

Senior Hayley Freeman:

Hayley Freeman is very involved in school, she is the senior class secretary, Student Council Chaplin and president of the chess club. Her favorite thing to do while tackling school and all her activities is playing sports.

Basketball and softball are Hayley’s life. “When I get out on the diamond and out on that court, my worries are gone and my aggression kicks in,” said Hayley. Softball is her favorite sport to play and to watch, however she loves to watch the OKC Thunder kick some butt. Hayley’s favorite number is 35, which ironically is her softball number. Another interesting factoid about Hayley is that her favorite colors are orange and blue.

She loves to read in her down time and loves the Percy Jackson series. When Hayley isn’t going to school, reading, or playing sports, she is working at her part-time job at Cavenders in the Bartlesville mall. “I love my job and the people I work with,” said Freeman.

Hayley Tiffani and Becca
Hayley, her mom Tiffanie and her sister Becca take a picture before Football Homecoming 2015

Hayley’s favorite food is Mexican and seems to always want to eat there for every occasion. Her favorite animal is an elephant and she loves to go to the zoo just to see them. Upon graduating high school in May, Hayley plans to attend NSU (Northeastern State University) and major in Art History and hopes to one day be as dedicated as Mrs.Stinnett, who is her favorite teacher.

Hayley and Mrs. Stinnett
Hayley and Mrs. Stinnett pose in pure excitement as Hayley was crowned Basketball Homecoming Queen 2K15.
Hayley and Tyler
Hayley and her boyfriend, Tyler take a quick selfie at Prom 2K15