Standardized Testing

testingNowata’s standardized testing begins on April 11th. There are seven subjects being tested, including Geometry, Biology, English II, English III, Algebra I, Algebra II, and U.S. History. Some students test in the morning and some will test right after lunch.

“It’s important for students to do well on standardized tests even though they start testing young because it effects their report cards. Some tests help determine whether a student will be held back or not, and high school students must pass their testing to graduate high school.” Mrs. Hewitt pointed out, “It’s just best they put their best foot forward. Testing let’s us see where individuals and our district has weaknesses.” High school students can retest on the required tests if they fail the first time they take it.

“I don’t like standardized testing because it takes a lot of time to prep for and we could be using that time to do activities in class. Testing puts a lot of pressure on young kids too!” stated Catie Walden, a sophomore at Nowata.

Standardized testing starts in 3rd grade, when asked why testing starts so early, Mrs. Hewitt replied “It’s mostly about accountability”

To view the testing schedule for the month of April, click the following link: April’s Testing Schedule