State Cheerleading Competition

“The girls group together to take a team picture before the winners are announced.”

 Victory, Ambition, Perfection….

Nowata High School has a very popular, talented cheer sqaud who in mid September performed at the class 3A Regional Competition. Because the routine was crisp and clean, the girls came out on top, receiving a first place plaque and the opportunity to participate at State the following weekend. Coaches and athletes began preparing for competition in late June. Since then they have worked diligently, spending many hours in the gym, waking up before sunrise during summer vacation, and getting to school at 6:50 each morning. As Monday morning approached everyone was full of confidence and determined to win once again. Just shortly after practice began, an athlete was injured. After checking with the doctor to assure everything was accurate the team received bad news. She would not be released in time to perform on Saturday. This put the team and coaches into panic mode. Since they lost a cheerleader, a stunt in the routine could not be performed. There was no other choice than to bring an alternate in for the weekend. A former cheerleader, Shelby Johnson was contacted to step in. After agreeing to participate, the team headed to Stillwater to arrange for the competition Saturday morning.

“You could see the relief on everyone’s face,” says assistant coach, Angelia Franke.

“She is a life saver…literally,” says Kacy Hicks.

As Saturday approached, parents and community members gathered at the Gallagher IBA Arena to support the cheerleaders. The Nowata cheerleaders finished in 4th place out of 64 teams.

“It may not be first, but with all the obstacles we had to face, 4th is pretty good to me,” says captain, Suzanne Pruett.

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