Successful First Two Games!

The middle school basketball teams have started their seasons off with successful wins. On Monday, November 16, the teams played Dewey and Tuesday, the 17th, the teams traveled the short twenty minute drive to Chelsea to take on the Dragons.

On Monday, the sixth grade boys gained a win against Dewey with a score of 23-13. The girls played their hardest but lost 33-7 to the 6th grade Dewey team. Seventh grade girls also lost with a close score of 13-11. Luckily for the boys, they played like their underclassmen and came home with a win, 23-12. The eighth grade girls pulled out a win with a close score of 22-19. Eighth grade boys also came out with a win, 24-12.

Tuesday, sixth grade boys and girls both beat Chelsea with scores of 24-4 and 19-6. Seventh grade boys won with a score of 22-6. Girls had a rough game and lost 22-6. Eighth grade boys had a close game with a score of 29-18 and came through with a win. Girls also had a win but a close game with a score of 14-13.

6th graders retrieving the ball against Dewey.