Take A Dump on Trump!

A new and emerging app called “Trump Dump” is rising in interest for political advocates. This game allows players to navigate a bald eagle around a set of walls, much like those that the billionaire would like to build on the U.S. borders. If the player can avoid these obstacles, they are given the opportunity to repeatedly Apple's Pile of Poo on Trump’s head. Eventually the Trump animate turns into a poop emoji while still retaining his signature grimace and goat wool hair.

One review quote was posted about their opinion over Trump Dump. The viewers said, “Trump would play this game and dump on anybody and anything he didn’t like or that didn’t like him. He verbally dumps on people every day. I’ve dumped on Trump 15 times thus far and the satisfaction hasn’t gone away. For all of the Trump supporters, I’m sure ISIS Dump is in the works and you’ll have a grand time playing with your new BFF Trump when it’s released.”

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