The New Ticket Law Causes Confusion!

The Ironmen Pride took a poll of students and faculty at Nowata High School and asked, “Do you approve of the new ticket law due to attendance in Nowata County.” A total of 33 students voted, 9% voted yes, they approve of the new policy, while 61% voted no to the new policy and 30% voted don’t care.

In this journalist’s opinion, the attendance policy is going a little over board and is too excessive. Especially for those students who may not be able to help their situation. This is not fair to the students who are trying, unlike some who really just don’t care.

Two students were asked their opinion on the policy but asked that their names not be printed. One student said, “It’s ridiculous and unfair because they have no idea on the home life of some students that might cause them to be late or tardy.” The other student said, “It’s not fair because some of the tickets will just get waved due to certain ties they may have with certain people.”

A couple of staff member were asked and were reluctant to reply because they, “Didn’t know enough about it, because its still new.” So some of the people that work for the school and have to enforce the new rule doesn’t really even know what they are enforcing. A teacher at Nowata was asked about her opinion on this topic she stated, “I’m still learning about this program so I don’t really have an opinion at this time.”

Click the picture below to read the attendance policy.


This a pie chart representing the votes From Nowata High School

attendance policy

At this time, we are trying to get a copy of the city ordinance. Officer Bright is working on getting that for us. We will post it as soon as we get it.