Top Five Ways to Ask Your Sweetheart to Prom

It is almost every little girls dream to dance the night away with their prince charming in that perfect dress, and prom is the perfect opportunity to make her dreams come true. From crushes or long term relationships, prom is the perfect way  to make your sweetheart happy, and finding the most romantic way to ask can be kind of hard. Some of you may be pulling out your hair trying to make the proposal perfect. Here are a couple of ideas that will surely get you a yes.

1. Be her prince for the night!

Pricess prom

2. This is an adorable way for a country boy to ask his country girl to prom!

country boy prom



3. Let’s not “strike out” on your proposal.


4. Balloons are a cute and cheap way to ask that special girl.


5. Here’s another cute and classy way to ask her.


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