Top Ten Gadgets

Apple Watch
Mophie Space Pack
Smart Thing starter kit
A whole new world An early prototype for the Oculus Rift, which raised $2.4 million on Kickstarter
Oculus Rift Delvelopment Kit 2

What’s hot in the tech world? According to Time Magazine the top ten gadgets out there are the Apple Watch, SmartThings starter kit, DJT Phantom Vision+, Oculus Rift Delvelopment Kit 2, iPhone 6 Plus, Hero4 Go Pro, Mophie Space Pack, Jawbone UP3, IPad Air 2, and The Ring Video Doorbell. These gadgets provide an easier way to live and a source of entertainment.

The Apple Watch- allows people to access apps, weather, text, email and many more things all on their wrist.

SmartThings starter kit- This kit connects inanimate objects in your home to your phone allowing you to control them from any room.

DJT Phantom Vision+- This little gadget is a hi-tech drone with a camera attached to it.

Oculus Rift Delvelopment Kit 2- This is a virtual reality headset (not yet in stores).

iPhone 6 Plus- The newest upgrade in the iPhone family, the iPhone 6 is unique in its own way. It is larger than any iPhones in the past with a 5.5 inch screen.

Hero4 Go Pro- promises to make videos from the extreme (base jumping, surfing, football, etc.) to the pleasantly mundane (what the world looks like to your dog) even better.

Mophie Space Pack- The Mophie Space Pack is reliable and is adding up to 64GB of extra data and 8 hours talk.

Jawbone UP3-Jawbone is on the road to making us all super fit athletes or brutally efficient cyborgs who operate by data alone.

IPad Air 2-The iPad Air 2 is the thinnest iPad ever and it’s also the most powerful. The air 2 also runs 40% faster.

The Ring Video Doorbell- is a small ringer with a camera that communicates with your phone, allowing you to see who is outside before you let them in.

For more information about the gadgets listed go to Time Magazine.