Track Season!

MS track members at their first meet in Claremore-Sequoyah. Photo by: Korbin Campbell, Facebook
Track season is back!  The coaches for this year’s track teams are Coach Hagebusch for the boys’ track team and Coach Juby for the girls’ track team. The teams are combined of the sixth, seventh and eighth graders. There are twenty-four girls on the team and twenty-three boys on the team.

The middle school track boys and girls have been to a total of two meets so far this season. The track meets have been held in Claremore-Sequoyah and Sperry. Coach Juby said, “The girls are doing very well this season. They are working hard every day and keep getting better. I am vey proud of the girls and I look forward to the rest of the season.”

Eighth grader, Paige Atkisson said, “Track is a very fun sport. I love getting to go around to the other schools and make friends with new people.”

The next track meet is next Monday, April 24. This meet is a little different from all the others, the track teams will leave right after sixth hour to head over to Chelsea for their first evening track meet. This meet will determine which teams move on to the championships.

We wish great luck to our middle school athletes and we are proud of all their hardwork they put into their sports.