We got 99 problems but our game ain’t one!

As the middle school football season comes to an end, basketball season is starting. The 6th, 7th, and 8th graders are getting ready to play in their first tournament of the year. This is the first year that the 6th graders are playing through the school instead of through Boys and Girls Club. The Claremore-Sequoyah Tournament starts Monday, November 9th. The first game was a sixth grade game at 2:20 pm. The tournament will be a “double-elimination”, which means teams can only lose two games before being out of the whole tournament completely.

The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade teams have been working hard and hope to see you there to support them in their first tournament!

Sixth grader, Morgan Hobbs
Sixth grader Morgan Hobbs said, “I’m excited to play in my first tournament of the season, I hope we play good and place in this tournament.”

 Eighth grader Dillon Barnes says, “I’m ready for the tournament. I’m confident we will do a great job.”

The Claremore-Sequoyah Tournament brackets can be found here.