What time is it? Tennis time!

 You Just Got Served


       Basketball is coming to an end. What’s next? Tennis! The upcoming tennis players took advantage of the warm weather yesterday and had their first practice. There are approximately twenty people taking tennis this year. The majority of them being sophomores. This year is sophomore, Dontre’ Mayhew’s first year to associate with tennis. Mayhew states, “During the summer I played tennis with some friends. It was a lot of fun, so I  figured I’d try it out this year. I bought a ton of tennis wear and supplies. I am ready to start practicing everyday. The workouts are getting old!” Tennis coach, Bryan Reese says, “I’m excited to see what the new people bring to the team! If you’re free on March 10th come to Bartlesville High School where the first tennis match will be taking place at 2:30.”

Let the matches begin!

Story by: Emilea Scharosch

Sophomore, Erin Owen prepares to serve the ball.