Wondering about State Testing?

Mack Savala SO, gives his opinion on state testing polices.

Are you worried whether or not you will pass your end of the year tests? Do you think it unnecessary to have to pass your EOIs to graduate high school when colleges only consider your ACT’S? According to Superintendent, Dr. Kathy Berry she believes the new state superintendent has the students and educations best interests and wants to look at testing issues. She says she has already seen a change in the testing policy, by doing away with field testing. Berry also thinks more changes are coming, but they will take time since some of the requirements are embedded in law. Mrs. Berry thinks students should prepare by keeping up with their day-to-day school work. Teachers are using apporoved standards to teach and these same standards are on the state tests. If students are doing their best in their classes and paying attention, they shouldn’t have too much to worry about.

Mack Savala gave his opinion considering state testing. He feels that one test shouldn’t decide your future. “Changes need to be made in the testing policy because tests don’t give enough time to fullfill the requirements to understand everything that needs to be learned. Students should worry about the changes that are coming. Students should stay up-to-date on all state decisions.” Mack does feel that state testing is necessary but major changes need to be made. “Some of you may feel changes need to be made and some of you may feel that the law requirements of testing is just fine, but do consider testing is very important and you have to pass those test to graduate. Be smart and come to school, pay attention in class and study, study, study!!”

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